RTM Latino Voice Talent End 2018

RTM Latino Voice Talent End 2018: Well here it is! The end of 2018… This was a very peculiar year indeed‽‽‽

2018 is almost over and we have decided to look back at what happened in 2018 for RTM. We would also like to share with you our plans for 2019;

To expand our services and increase revenue, July saw RTM add English Speaking Voice Talent Carousel to the sight.This was a task that took the best out of both; Matt and me. Boy did we pay dearly for this one. Time constraints and short tempers. But it’s done!

During November Matt and I set out in search of a “New Business Development Coordinator”. To hell with titles, we searched for a “SALES PERSON”… and after a hectic search, we found one. Of all Places, in Paris, France. YES, you read correctly Paris, France. So, we welcome and embrace Idriss into the RTM Crew. He will begin his tasks as of Monday, January  07, 2019. So to our Talent Pool, expect an increase in work! In increments, not clusters.

In addition, we dropped a couple of clients affecting RTM’s bottom line. But it was all worth the peace of mind we’ve gained. We’ll make up the financial difference, but you can’t put a price on tranquility.

Also, we will be cleaning out the seldom used portion of our music library, retaining only what is practical and adding new material as needed. This should reduce wasted space on unnecessary storage for audio we don’t eve use and reduce the search time locating that which is of use.

With that said… All of the RTM Crew wish all our partners and future partners a very Happy and Prosperous New 2019!

“HOORAY for RTM!” – Latino Voice Over Talent, Spanish Translation & Audio/Video Post-Production Services For The Hispanic Market!

RTM Latino Voice Talent End 2018

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