Latino Voice Talent For Hispanic Market


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Latino Voice Talent For Spanish U.S. Hispanic Market

Our partners think we’re great!

“I have worked with the team at RTM for a number of years. They
consistently provide quality audio, outstanding customer service, and
deliver the product at lightning speed! They also are budget-minded and
always ready to help come up with a plan that may save me dollars.”
“I’m a lawyer who has used RTM for voice talent for my radio and TV ads. Jurgen is terrific. He gets the
commercials turned around quickly and inexpensively. The folks providing the voice talent are great. I’ve
settled on a couple for my different ads. If I’m not pleased with their read, they re-do it, incorporating any
suggestions that I may have. I’ve had a very good experience with RTM and suspect that you will, too.”
John H. Ferguson, Esq., Medical Injury Law Center
“This definitely hits the spot. To anyone who is reading this
on your end, I want to extend a particular thanks to Jurgen.
This was my first time working with Jurgen. And I have to say,
he is a pro and he listens. I am impressed. Thank you!”
“Marcos did a great job. Thank you so much. You turned that so fast. And you did everything right to time and spec. Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you. Wonderfully done. I put it into the timeline and played it for the accounts coordinator and both she and I
love it. It’s now going to the client. So, you are a hero. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for calling back and
following up as well. Not many people do that. And it’s really appreciated. So, thanks again. I do believe we’ll be talking more.”
Doug Pieper, MAN Marketing, Inc.
“I’m so pleased with the quality of service provided by RTM’s staff and especially with Jurgen’s attention to detail. A Spanish radio station I advertised with translated a script for me. I sent the script to RTM and I quickly got a call alerting me to an error in the script. Had it not been for Jurgen, it would have aired. I can’t imagine the legal issues this could have caused for my client and my reputation. I’m so fortunate Jurgen proofed the script. Lesson learned; RTM now does all my translations.”
“Jurgen, you are amazing!
Thank you so very much!”
Erika N. Epps, Evoke Productions



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Latino Voice Talent For Spanish U.S. Hispanic Market

Your Production – Your Way

Latino & English Voice Talent For Hispanic U.S. Market: We supply our partners with male/female English/Latino voice talent from Mexico and neighboring Latin American countries, high quality audio and same-day delivery of Spanish/English Radio Spots & TV Commercials, on-hold messaging, industrial & corporate narrations, POS Check-Out and any media requiring a English speaking and Latino Voice Talent For Hispanic U.S. Market. All at surprisingly low rates. In addition, we perform Spanish Translation & Audio/Video Post-Production Services.

Latino Voice Talent For Hispanic Market - rtm studio voiceover microphone

Latino Voice Overs

Whether voicing spots, liners, tags, sweepers, narration or overdubbing, be assured RTM is a viable solution to your production needs.

Latino Voice Talent For Hispanic Market - rtm spanish translation services


Let us Translate your English Script to Spanish and then have one of RTM‘s Male or Female Hispanic Voice Talent  bring your production to life.

Latino Voice Talent For Hispanic Market - rtm studio post production audio services


Audio, either voice, sound effect, or music, plays directly to your Latino Market. So we are meticulous when it comes to  your production.

Latino Voice Talent For Hispanic Market - rtm studio post production video services

Video Syncing

Syncing audio to timelines is frustrating for producers that don’t speak Spanish. Have us sync audio to your video. It will save you loads of time.

Latino Voice Talent For Spanish U.S. Hispanic Market

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional

to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Red Adair




We’re Devilishly Handsome,

Always Available, And NOW In STEREO!

The RTM Crew…   a crack team of Mavericks, Misfits & Screwballs stand behind those Three Little Letters that Pack A Whole Lot Of Punch.

 Latino Voice Talent For Spanish U.S. Hispanic Market

“Some People Are Just So Far Behind,

They Truly Believe They’re Leading.”

Jürgen Stevens


Hey, Look What We Did!

Some Of Our Recent Work

Latino & English Voice Talent For Hispanic U.S. Market: At the end of each month we’ll showcase selected spots we produced. Presenting to you some of the great work RTM’s English/Latino Voice Talent has voiced. We create a variety of English and Spanish Radio Spots & TV Commercials for the U.S. Hispanic Market; from Furniture Stores to Water Parks, Law Firms to Health Clinics and an occasional Cheeky Car Ad… aside from the Basic Car Dealer Ads.

Here are just a few of the multitudes of our satisfied partners…


Wanna Sell a car? Latino Voice Over Talent René can do just that for you. Capture the Hispanic Market with his call to action voice!


RTM English & Latina Voice Over Talent - Teresa alerts the Hispanic Market on Pet Care as the permanent voice for the EPVMA.

Furniture Outlet

RTM English & Latino Voice Over Talent - Victor deliveres a enticing voice on this Furniture Outlet spot for the Latino Market.

Latino Voice Talent For Spanish U.S. Hispanic Market.



“If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock,

Get a New Door.”

Marcos Carrillo

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Latino & English Voice Talent For Hispanic U.S. Market